Friday, April 8, 2016

Edna Mode Cosplay

LittleLoloCosplay as "Edna Mode" from Disney's The Incredibles.

"Edna Mode" is a quirky fashion designer who creates costumes for super heroes, most notably known for saying "No capes!" and "I don't look back, darling..."

I made this costume dress in under 5 hours (over a span of 3 days), using mostly decade-old remnants from past projects. In total, I spent less than $40 to make this.

Dress: Made from upholstery vinyl and fashion pleather, a roll of insulating foam, sport zipper, black corset boning, with stretch gauze lining and pink shirting trim. Everything was remnants (free) except for $2 worth of pink fabric.

Glasses: under $10, purchased via Amazon Prime.

Boots: $30 purchased at Nordstrom (I "splurged" here since the rest of the costume was basically free)

A snapshot of my pattern pieces.
I drew my pattern from scratch. For the dress, I just traced one her shirts and used the same pattern for the front and back. I cut the V neck out of the front later.

The sleeves were the most time-consuming part of making this dress. The pattern for the sleeves was a little tricky, but here's a little explanation of how I made it. 

It took three layers of sleeve to make all of the arched pieces.

I started with a lining made out of a breathable stretchy gauze in the shape of a normal sleeve or mutton sleeve. Then I cut 6 copies of a "top" sleeve out of the vinyl (3 layers per sleeve) and split each of these into the arched shapes (which I numbered so I would know which order to put them in).

This is what the sleeve looked like before cutting the triangles.

The finished sleeve.

The real trick to sewing this vinyl was LOTS and LOTS of baby powder!

A zipper in the back makes it much easier to put this dress on a 2-year-old.


  1. You are amazing! And little girl knows how to rock the costume!

  2. Do you have a tutorial of how to make the sleeves?

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